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It’s a fantasy many of us have: invent a product and make a million dollars. Cornell McBride, Sr. did just that, twice. By inventing one of the most famous hair-care products in history, Cornell created one of the country’s most successful African-American-owned companies.

Cornell’s creation was Sta Sof Fro, a revolutionary hair-care formula that would eventually give the world the Afro. Starting out with an investment of $500, his M and M Products Company exploded onto the scene as sales of Sta Sof Fro sky-rocketed.

Within five years, M and M Products was a multi-million dollar company. Cornell was a millionaire by age 35. This is Cornell’s dramatic story, packed with the lessons he learned for creating and recognizing opportunities and figuring out how to overcome any obstacle placed in his path. It is a powerful tale that details triumphs as well as disappointments. “A Cut Above” shares the steps this great African American leader followed on his road to success and embodies his corporate motto: “Always giving back.” It is a true rags-to-riches success story.

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